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A Madonna del Sasso School graduate a person of faith who:

  • demonstrates and applies the abilities to reflect thoughtfully and share on scripture,
  • church doctrine and traditions of the Catholic Church
  • expresses a sense of awe and reverence at the miracle of life and God’s creation
  • recognizes his/her responsibility as a child of God to live a healthy lifestyle
  • embraces discipleship in Jesus Christ through action and proclamation of His “Good News”

A Madonna del Sasso School graduate a critical thinker who:

  • values learning for its own sake
  • strives diligently for high standards in the learning process
  • analyzes and solves problems effectively, and utilizes research skills for further inquiry and discovery
  • is able to make connections by integrating new information with prior knowledge

A Madonna del Sasso School graduate an active member of the community who:

  • embraces a personal sense of belonging to community, large and small
  • demonstrates respect for self, others and the environment
  • exhibits communication skills, creativity, cooperation, balance and vibrancy in his/her own life and in the service of others
  • is able to experience connectedness to all people, respecting diversity of background and opinions