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CURRICULUM: The Principles of Christianity are taught daily as part of our curriculum.  Each student is afforded the opportunity to grow in the knowledge of Christ through study of scripture, participation in the liturgy, prayer, and finally an understanding that our study is a “way of life” not just an exercise in learning.  Basic competencies are set for each grade level based on the Diocesan Curriculum Guidelines.  Dedicated faculty and staff provide a rigorous academic program with core curriculum that integrates with Common Core Standards while nurturing the potential of every child.  The curriculum for Transitional Kindergarten through Eighth grade includes the following subjects: Religion; Math; Science; Reading/Literature; English Grammar; Spelling; Physical Education; Art; Music; Computer Technology.  Preschool is a place where children can make friends, explore discover, create and grow through religion, language arts, music/movement, science and math to provide a quality foundation for lifelong learning.